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We now have Albino A+ magic mushroom spore syringes for sale in the UK. The Albino A+ is one of the most beautiful, ghostly white strains of Psilocybe cubensis. This mushroom gets its name from a striking lack of pigmentation (leucism).



Albino A+ Spore Syringe for Sale In UK

We now have Albino A+ magic mushroom spore syringes for sale in the UK. The Albino A+ is one of the most beautiful, ghostly white strains of Psilocybe cubensisThis mushroom gets its name from a striking lack of pigmentation (leucism). However, the name is a misnomer as it is not a ‘true’ albino strain. In countries where growing magic mushrooms is legal, cultivators describe the strain as having extreme potency. This mushroom provides an intense, visual experience- a psychonauts delight! We sell spores of this magic mushroom for microscopy.

Strain Origin

Albino A+ is a P. Cubensis variety derived from the A+ strain that turned leucistic. Albino A+ is indeed actually leucistic, and not a true albino.  The difference between the two is mainly spore color, leucistic variety spores are purple to black while true albino spores are clear in color and completely lack pigment altogether.

What Is Included 

Our high-density Albino A+ spore syringes come packed with millions of spores, making them ideal for microscopy. It is simply a must-have for any collector’s spore library.

Spores are hydrated in sterilised water and packaged in lab/medical grade Nipro Luer-Lok™ syringes. This is to ensure the highest quality and cleanest possible spore solution.

  • 10ml spore solution
  • Sterile 18G x 1.5″ needle and 70% IPA alcohol swab included

How To Use Albino A+ Spores

When observed with the naked eye, spores do not look all that exciting. You might see a few black clumps floating around in the solution, but certainly nothing akin to being ‘magical’. The true beauty of the humble spore is in its microscopic size. The only way to observe the microscopic is, unsurprisingly, under a microscope. Preferably at least 500x magnification.

First, take your syringe and carefully remove the protective cap. Load the needle onto the syringe and you’re ready to go. Apply a single drop of solution onto a microscopy slide, and gently cover the sample with a covering glass. Place the microscopy slide onto the stage. Finally, look through the eyepiece and move the focus knob until the image comes into focus. If they still look tiny, try increasing to a higher power objective lens. Admire them in their glorious, magical detail. This simple process will give you hours of endless fun, we guarantee it (or your money back!)


For long-term storage, keep spore syringes in a dark place and preferably in a fridge at 2-8 ℃. They will last up to a year or more if stored correctly.

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