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Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Bags Uk which are also known as Magic Mushroom Grow Kits Uk for sale in our Magic Mushroom Store UK, they are simply containers used to place the substrate and spawn mix when growing mushrooms. When people refer to mushroom growing bags, they’re often referring to bags that are gusseted, autoclavable, made from polypropylene and bags that may have a filter patch. Our Magic Mushroom growing bags are an excellent option for hobbyists, personal use growers and commercial growers, offering protection from mycelial damage and microbes whilst providing maximum air exchange. Give your magic mushrooms the start they need for success and enjoy fruitful yields!

Buy Magic Mushroom Grow Kits UK

Buy magic mushroom grow kits online Uk and grow your own magic mushrooms at home with our top-rated magic mushroom growing kits Uk. From specially selected substrate, fresh spawn delivery and in-depth guides, you’ll be an expert in fungiculture in no time!

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