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More Than A psychedelics Store

Join our psychedelic movement and attend our rallies for spiritual upliftment and to support decriminalization of psychedelics within the United Kingdom. 

Our Psychedelic movement in the United Kingdom is not only providing psychedelic products for sale in UK on our shelves. We are pushing for psychedelic decriminalization in the United Kingdom for both medical or therapeutic reasons and recreational reasons.

High Quality Products

We have done the most to provide the best quality and tested psychedelic products including magic mushrooms for sale grown from high grade magic mushroom spores.

Secured Privacy

Our clients privacy is top of our priority and can never be compromised. Our security team works round the clock 24/7 to ensure 100% discretion and security for all users privacy.

Discreet Shipping

Our packaging is done by professionals with stealth and vacuum sealed materials for utmost discretion of our psychedelic products before delivery registration.

100% Guarantee

We guarantee all our products are of the exact quality and attributes as stated in the product descriptions. We also have a 99% success rate on all deliveries.


Frequency Ask Questions

Below are the most frequently Asked Questions.

Our top most priority is safety. This includes our privacy policy which keeps user details anonymous and auto deletes within days. Discreet and stealth packaging and delivery with no hassles.

Yes! We provide the tracking info for all order deliveries with us. 

We offer our services and ship to everywhere within the United Kingdom, Ireland and most countries in Europe.

Your rallies are really hope to many of us and i can't wait for the next with all the amazing people. I had the best shrooms i have ever had in my life and that was quality. Keep doing it right. Love!

Dwayne Kardinal

This is awesome... package came in 3 days and that was some top man seal on the product Great work

Elsa Stone

I got a smaller package although delivery was in time. The weight dropped when rechecked y'all try making sure the weights are correct but still my fav place here fam.

Venise Declan

This store has been my safe haven all this while with my chronic pain after a bad accident the question here is why ae we not free to buy psychedelics here? it is slickening with those prescribed pharmacy pills.

Pite Maynard
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