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Melmac is known to be relatively high potency, meaning you’ll need smaller doses of the mushroom than you would for an average P. cubensis to get the same effect.

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Melmac Mushrooms for Sale In UK

Melmac Mushrooms are a variant of the very popular “Penis Envy” strain. To be more specific, the Melmac Mushroom strain is the original “Penis Envy” before Sporeworks reworked the spores to create what we know today. Melmac Mushrooms are superior due to the increase of Psilocybe growth and are quite the rare find in the Psilocybe world. If you ever have the chance to grab this strain, do not hesitate! You will not be disappointed. The question, for would-be psychonauts, is always to grow or to buy shrooms? Best source to buy magic mushrooms UK as our magic mushroom spores UK are gotten from the best genetics. The Melmac Mushroom is respected as one of the most psychotropic UK mushrooms.

Potency and Dosage of Melmac Mushrooms UK

Melmac is known to be relatively high potency, meaning you’ll need smaller doses of the mushroom than you would for an average P. cubensis to get the same effect.

Exactly how much you should take is hard for anyone to say, because a person’s weight, metabolism, and the personal quirks of their biochemistry all play a role in determining their sensitivity to psilocybin. Also, even mushrooms of the same strain sometimes differ from each other slightly in potency. Your best bet is to always err on the side of taking too little rather than too much, because the risk of side effects increases with dose size.

Trip Effects of Melmac Mushrooms

The trip effects of Melmac are generally the same as for any other psilocybin mushroom. That is, there is an exaggeration or enhancement of whatever mood the user has going in (hopefully this will mean euphoria and a sense of connection, as it often does), plus altered thinking that can lead to important personal insights, and hallucinations—the hallucinations are likely to be subtle, except at high doses, and may be absent at very low doses. Unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and excessive yawning, are not uncommon. More serious side effects, such as debilitating anxiety and problems with balance and coordination are less common but real. Really serious problems are rare but possible.

The risk of serious side effects can be minimized by practicing a few safety guidelines, such as careful attention to set and setting, having a trip-sitter, making sure you’re healthy enough for the trip and are not taking any medications that could interact badly with psilocybin, and taking adequate time afterwards for integration.

There is real debate among users as to whether strains differ from each other in their effects at all, aside from variations in potency (just as drinkers debate whether different kinds of alcohol vary in their effects. Certainly, an argument is to be made that psilocybin is psilocybin, period. But at least anecdotally, Melmac is said to be mellow, with few visuals but a strong emotional component.

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