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All our Genetic Spore syringes are produced in the UK under a sterile laboratory work area making sure your spores arrive in optimum condition. Syringes are best stored refrigerated between 2C – 8C.



Golden Teacher Spore Syringe for Sale In UK

What are Golden Teacher spores?

Golden Teachers are one of the most well known magic mushrooms. These mushrooms are well domesticated and provide reliable spores. The Golden Teacher spores come from mushroom fruits of the Golden Teachers. Our Golden teacher spores are available in the UK.

The exact origin is unknown but this variety has been a popular choice since the 1980’s and is just as in demand today 40 years later.

In countries where legal to grow they are very user friendly and a lot more tolerant of environmental changes.

How do I store Golden Teacher spores?

Spores should be stored in a cool, dark and dry environment. You can also store spores in the fridge (just make sure the syringe is in a clean zip-lock bag such as the packaging the spores are sent in).

Are Golden Teacher Spores legal to buy?

Yes these spores contain no psychoactive chemicals in the actual spores. This makes them perfectly legal to own and study under a microscope.

Golden Teacher spores are best viewed under a clean microscope using a slide and a magnification of x400 for optimum observation.


It is currently illegal to grow these spores in the UK and sales are strictly for microscopy observation and for preservation/collection of species.

In the UK cultivating spores, and producing mycelium or fruits is currently Class A drug production.

We are unable to sell products to anyone who makes it clear they intend to use our products for anything other then legal microscopic studies.

How long can I keep my Golden Teacher spores before using?

Spore syringes should be ideally used as soon as possible. If stored correctly the spores will be fine for 6 months. The longer you leave the spore syringe the more chance of contamination being present when viewing under the microscope.

Can I reuse my Golden Teacher spore syringe if I have some spore solution left?

Yes! The best thing to do is leave the needle on and flame sterilise before storing with the needle cover put back on. DO NOT remove the needle to put the syringe cap back on as this will allow an opportunity for contamination to occur. When you come to use your spore syringe again please flame sterilise again before pushing a small amount of the spore solution out of the needle. You are now able to carry on your microscopic studies.

How can I help change laws to allow cultivation of Golden Teacher spores in the UK?

With recent changes in law in states like Oregon in the USA and several positive studies on the benefits of psychedelics for mental health conditions you might think  laws are outdated in the UK.

If this is something that you’d like to see change here are some things you can do to try change things.

The best advice is to first write to your local MP

Our magic mushroom spores

All our Genetic Spore syringes are produced in the UK under a sterile laboratory work area making sure your spores arrive in optimum condition. Syringes are best stored refrigerated between 2C – 8C.

What Is Included 

Our high-density spore syringes come packed with millions of spores, making them ideal for microscopy. It is simply a must-have for any collector’s spore library.

Spores are hydrated in sterilised water and packaged in lab/medical grade Nipro Luer-Lok™ syringes. This is to ensure the highest quality and cleanest possible spore solution.

  • 10ml spore solution
  • Sterile 18G x 1.5″ needle and 70% IPA alcohol swab included

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