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  • Lophophora Decipiens Peyote


    It is always good news when a new breed is added to the psychedelic cactus family. Unique nuances are always welcome in the netherworld of mescaline. Lophophora decipiens is now being considered a separate species of peyote cactus and not a variety of williamsii.

  • Peyote Grow Kit


    With this unique and super simple Peyote grow kit you can grow one of the first psychedelic cactus on earth!


    20 Peyote Seeds (Lophophora Williamsii)
    Potting Soil
    Coarse Sand
    Drying gravel
    Grow box with lid

  • Peyote Seeds


    Our high quality Peyote seeds or Lophophora williamsii seeds are always freshly harvested to ensure maximum seed germination and growing success. Chances are that you will also find some extra seeds with your order so you can always have a nice number of lophophora williamsii seedlings.

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